Saturday, May 1, 2010

Team CBC Bob's Mayday RIde

I had a real good ride but I have been having some trouble and I may have found out why. First about the ride. We met at Bob's home and it is very nice and in Sanford. We rode the route for the CANC ride which I will be riding next week. There were about 25 of us there and about 7 of us did the metric. I of course could not keep up with the group but did caught them at stops and had a real nice ride. I was riding well but for a while now I have felt the trike was harder to pedal than I remember it being.
After about 40 miles my backside really started to hurt to the point at 45 miles I had to get off the trike and I tried to tighten the seat straps because I had discovered that I was riding with my backside on the frame of the trike. Tighten the straps did not help much but I did notice something when doing this and that was that the straps were as tight as they would go yet the seat was still sagging and allowing my backside to ride on the frame. I had to stop again at 55 miles just to give my backside a rest. I decided I had to do something about or ride a 30 ride at Raven Rock on Sunday. Thursday night at the Slow Spokes ride I had noticed the the rear of the trike seemed really flexible and I did not remember it being like that. I was now afraid that I may have a cracked frame, but I checked it out and all seemed fine. While trying to get some padding between my seat and the trike frame I found the problem, the seat frame was bent and cracked in two places. I am sure that the original damage to the seat frame happened when I flipped the trike. Ever since then I have been having trouble controlling the trike and the damage to the seat are consistent with and impact. Turtle has been very difficult to control at speed of as little at 24 mph and I use to be able to do fine at 32 to 34 mph. It seems that the seat and it's stays are part of the frame structure and is necessary to keep the rear of the trike ridge. I replaced the seat with the replacement Chrom-Molly seat frame Terratrike had sent me and I believe I should be fine for riding my second metric this weekend at Raver Rock Sunday.

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