Sunday, May 2, 2010

Raven Rock Ramble 2010 - My second metric this weekend

I had a great ride and it was as well done as I have heard. There were the important things like PB&J at all the rest stops, all the rest stops were maned with very pleasant folks, also drinks of some variety and all sorts of snacks. The routes were well marked and at least the metric was well planned with the BIG hill and hard climbs in the first two thirds of the route and the final third was more flat and very nice. I know it is not always possible to plan routes like this but I do believe it makes for a better ride when it can be done this way. I think I had ridden all the roads before except from the other direction in most cases and this made it interesting. The two hardest hills were on Cokesberry and Ball. Cokeberry I have ridden many times and gets up to a 10% grade, I do not think I had ridden the Hill on Ball before it was a spiritual experience get to a grade of 13% and being good bit longer. There were a number of other hills and some were significant but none were more than 9% grade. Most of the roads were very good and even the ones that were not good very not too bad. The weather was good, hot but good. The food provided after the ride was great in my option and there was plenty of it. I was really a good event and I had a good time.
I was sort of pleased with myself I want to try to ride back to back metrics and I have done so. I thought I could do so because of riding back to back three quarter centuries at the MS Tour. Well riding two metrics in the hills was a lot more difficult the the two days in the flat land around Newburn.
My problems with my seat on Saturday were caused by the broken seat frame I discussed before. Today was much better. I had no pain at all to about 35 miles then I started to have a lot of pain but it was not because I was sitting on the trike frame. One of the seat straps loosened and allowed the seat to sag and this cause the pain. once tightened it was better but it keeps loosing and the pain returns. I am not sure how this works but I do feel sure it is caused by it affecting blood circulation because even just removing my feet from the clips and putting my feet on the ground almost instantly has an affect on the pain and standing for just a few seconds and the pain is completely gone. I am in hope of the more reclined seat position will improve this by getting more of my weight off mt butt and on to my back in the seat.
Turtle preformed well with just one small problem at miles 4.62 I broke my chain - was very glad I had gotten the master links last week.
I hope to have the new boom with the Schlumpf drive next week - I am looking forward to having the higher gears again.

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