Thursday, May 27, 2010

OMG I'm FIT! & a new low weight today 328.2lb

OK OK I am still fat but according to John who did a health and fitness evaluation on me I have above average fitness. I cannot explain how cool this is for me. I know I still have work to do but it is real measurable progress. I was so nervous about getting this done.
Monday this week I join Rex Wellness Center in Garner. Part of the program is a health and fitness evaluation. I was more than a bit skeptical because everyone of these sorts of things I had at gyms I have joined before turned out to be a sales pitch for all of their additional service. Not so at Rex. John pinched, weighed and measured just about everything that could be tested and then measured my strength and put me on a stationary cycle to test my aerobic health. John who I asked for when I found out he was a cyclist knew me or I guess remember me and said we had spoken. He said about a year ago we had talked briefly at Wilson. Wilson is a small town on a number of cycling routes around here. There is a store there where a number of the route use as a rest stop. All the cyclist just call it Wilson. He said he could tell I had lose weight since he had seen me there about a year ago. I was a bit surprised he remember me but then I am getting use to it - a good friend pointed out to me in a good way that I am unusual in the cycling community and not just because I ride a trike. He said you are really big, I said you mean fat he said no, you are fat but you are also really big to be a cyclist and even through there other larger than average cyclist around that I am bigger than them and that I ride a lot and those two thing how big I am and how much I ride makes me a bit unusual so everyone remembers me. Well OK soon I will not always be fat but I will still be big. I am going to record all the numbers John recorded and gave to me not because they are good - I do not even know if they are good I just want to record them in case I lose this paper in maybe someone else might be interested. One thing I was pretty nervous about doing this evaluation so my heart rate and blood pressure were higher than usually. John said that that is not unusual and not to worry about it. When relaxing at home my resting heart rate will drop to 50 and when my BP is measured at my doctors it run around 128/80.
Resting heart rate - 78
Systolic BP - 152
Diastolic BP - 80
BMI - 41.2 (at home I get 40.6 so they are close high but close)
Body Fat - 24.6 (at home I got 31.0 this morning - big difference - I have heard the way John measured me is more accurate so my meter is a bit off - I must admit I like 24.6 better than 31.0)
Biceps Strength - 106 (this is in pounds and the scale only goes up to 132 so not too bad)
Aerobic Fitness 19.7 (this is noted as being measured as ml/kg/min - I am not sure what that is but will find out - it seemed low to me but John said for my age it was above average a good bit above it but that I could improve it - I will)
Height 75.5 ins.
Weight 334.0 pounds (I know this is higher than my scale but had eaten and drank to prepare for the workout and I was wearing clothing)
Chest Skin-fold 34 mm
Abdomen Skin-fold 19 mm
Thigh Skin-fold 20 mm
Shoulder Circumference 55.00 in
Chest Circumference 56.25 in
Abdomen Circumference 57.00 in
Hips Circumference 50.00 in
Right Biceps Circumference 14.50 in
Right Forearm Circumference 13.00 in
Right Thigh Circumference 26.50 in
Right Calf Circumference 19.50 in
Left Biceps Circumference 15.00 in
Left Forearm Circumference 13.00 in
Left Thigh Circumference 24.50 in
Left Calf Circumference 19.00 in
OK now for the part that has me wondering. John measured my body fat at 24.6% which I do believe is more accurate than my meter and because I like it so lets assume it is correct. Lets use a average between his and my weight measurement today and say it is 330 pounds. So my current body fat weight equals 330 time 24.6% or 81.18 pounds. This would make my lean body equal to my 330 pounds minus 81.18 pounds or 248.82 pounds. I find it hard to accept that with NO fat I would weight 248.82 pounds. If this is correct and John believes it is then 248.82 time 15% would be 37.323 pounds and adding this to my lean body mass would give me a new goal weight of 286.143 pounds or 286 pounds. I am just not sure I will be happy at 286 - I want to climb hills easily and I cannot image doing that at 286. Also I am about to start weight training to improve muscle tone so I can lose fat easier and unless I am different now I will gain muscle mass - I always have in the past so my lean body mass may go up. My main goals has been to improve my power to mass ratio and I can make a lot of power but I am not sure I can produce enough to haul 286 pounds up hills easily and fast. I guess the only thing to do it to keep working on it and see what happens. Being fit is the most important goal.

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