Saturday, May 29, 2010

Galloway Training run 1

Wow - I cannot believe I did this - I actually ran! OK well I walked for 45 seconds then ran for 45 seconds the walked for 45 seconds the ran for 45 seconds then walked - you get the picture but I did do it and I was running(very slowly) but I was running. I have not run for at least 10 years maybe more. I have really been wanting to be able to run again but have been told I was really too heavy to do so and I am sure I was. Last night I got conformation for a exercise physiologist and personal trainer that my numbers were correct. My lean body mass is about 250 pounds and so my healthy fit weight at 15% body fat is 286 pounds. He told me that I would have to get measure again when I lose more weight because I could lose a little lean body mass or even gain some as I continue to exercise and train. He said that the caliber method was pretty good if they are good quality calibers(the one they used on me were medal and he took them from a fitted case - look like good quality to me) and are well trained to use them. He suggested that to be real sure I would have to get an immersion test but that is was not really necessary. When I get close to my goal weight he said to look at my self - if I was happy then that was close enough - he said some men get real hung up on the number(he must have been looking in my logs) and the 16 to 19% were really fine if one look as one wanted to and felt good but the same was true for 11 to 14 % that 15% was not a magic number just a point to aim for. So I am only 42 pounds over weight now and lots of people 42 pounds over weight run or at least I think the do. I say 42 pounds because that is what I have left to get to 286 and it even seems doable now. I have lost 82 but when I started this I was planning to lose 211 pounds because that is what it would take to get me to 199 pounds which is what the tables say a 6' 4" man should weight. I did express my concern about climbing(he is a cyclist also) and he did agree with me that 286 pounds was a lot to haul up a hill but he thinks I will be fine he said that when I get to 286 85% of my body or 250 pounds of it will be involved it getting me up the hill and only 36 pounds fat/fuel will be just along for the ride compared to the 160 pounds of fat I use to haul up the hills. This really did get me to thinking about it in a better light. He did tell me that since I was about to start some weight training that I would likely gain some lean body mass but he did not think it would be too much and he assured me that when I got to my goal weight if I was still not climbing as well as I would like that he would give me some weight and cycling training to do to improve it. How cool it that?
About the Galloway Walk/Run/Walk training. After the Slow Spokes ride Jon asked me what I was doing Saturday I said since there were no other ride I was planning on doing I was planning on doing Th Selma Cyclepaths ride. Since it was only 35 miles and thinking maybe Jon was wanting to do some other and likely longer ride I told him this and asked what he had in mine. He told me he was going to do this 3 miles run with the Galloway running training group and would I be interested in going. He had gone to the Kick-Off event last Saturday - I had been interested in it but had a ride planned Gears & Cheers which I enjoyed greatly. I assumed since I missed the Kick-Off that I had missed it. He explained that one could start at any of the first three runs and if I was interested he would email me more information. Well he did and I am now a runner er well sort of but I did enjoy it - signed up for the whole course, bought some shoes - hope they are better than my first pair also bought a CamelBak belt system - I do not think I would want a think on my back.
So how did I do. Well pretty good I think - I went out with the slowest group, I did the walk - run - walk thing just like they told us to do and did OK. I finished with the group, OK I finished dead last at the back of the group but I did finish. I believe some did not finish but I am not sure was not really doing anything except worrying about myself but I know we start3ed with 25 in out group and finished with 15. I finished 3 miles in 41 minutes - according to Nike I did my fastest ever mile and my longest ever run. I did not feel like I was going faster when running than when I was walking but maybe I was - it sure took a lot more energy to do the running parts. I am really tired and my feet do hurt a little - OK a lot hopefully this will heal quickly right now walking is uncomfortable. Well they gave us a book and a log also a tiny shirt - I guess it is a goal of sorts also.

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Ken and Jen said...

That is so great, Ashby! Keep up the great work on yourself! Running isn't easy and I am proud of ya!