Thursday, May 20, 2010

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride

I had a real nice ride tonight and a quick one. Averaged 18 mph - never doing that on this ride. We had real good weather but a smaller group than I expected tonight. The quicker group tonight was really moving or it seemed so to me. After the turn I got dropped several time on the hills as usual but I was downing well and kept riding back up to the group. After the hills I checked my average and to my surprise it was 18 so I started pushing it trying to keep it. I was riding well and had legs left so I just pushed it.
For the last several weeks or move I have been noticing that I seem to have about the same speed and power after four hours as I do after the first half hour. It seems to take me 12 to twenty minutes after I start to get up to my crusing speed which is about 20 mph now. When I first start riding I just do not seem able to get to that speed but after the 12 to 20 minutes it just go up to about 20 mph. But what I have also noticed is that I can still do it after 4 or more hours. Sometimes I feel like a bus that wants to be a sports car.

Slow Spokes Thursday evening ride at Garmin Connect - Details

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