Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh Velo Melo Memorial Day

I had a very good time - really enjoyed doing a different sort of ride and riding with folks I seldom get to ride with.

I will put more in the Blog a little later and a few pictures - taking a nap so I can do the The nOg Run tonight.

OK about this ride. It turned out to be more challenging than I expected. There were several intense but short climbs and even though we do not go that fast you are almost always pedaling and steering. On rides out in the counrty even though there are longer hills there are also longer down hills and other time when you do not have to pedal. Well I still like it and had a good time. How often do I get to ride with Jon or even Crash Eddie. We hit a lot of mud around and in some of the tunnels - it was a hoot and got all over Turtle - I have not cleaned her yet.
I was a very interesting loop I would say about 85% was on green-ways - nice.
This is a ride and route I will do again.

Oh Veleo Meleo Memorial Day - Garmin Connect - Details

My pictures are HERE

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