Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gears and Cheers 2010 - Metric

Well what a great event - 163 miles round trip from Garner but worth the drive. This was a well organized event but they did not start the ride on time which is annoying. The route was excelent - flattish in the beginning with some nice hills in the middle then flattish for the end - my preferred type of course. There were four SAG stops all were well maned and supplied and they did have PB&J. I was able to draft for most of the first ten miles but after that I rode solo. This was my best yet average for a Metric 16.3 mph.
I met and talked a bit to a very nice lady named Jane - strange thing happened to her toward the end of the ride and I happened to be beside her at the time and saw it. A squirrel ran onto the road and in spite of her attempt not to she ran over it but is seemed to be OK and ran off under my trike.
The after ride stuff was very nice - food was good and they had a good bit of it. The were giving away wine with a glass one was allowed to keep - this was nice. They had live music and I liked it.

Gears and Cheers 2010 - Metric at Garmin Connect - Details

A few pictures I got with my iPhone

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