Saturday, December 4, 2010

Galloway Club run 28th

Really good run - this was the last official Galloway run our twenty eighth run - Birt and I had both planned on doing 10 miles - I am training for the Charleston Half Marathon - Birt may also do this race - Birt had gotten there early and had already done a mile but decided to run 10 with me anyway so he did 11 - we rand the first 3 with the group then they turned around and we continued - I enjoy running with the group now that I can mostly keep up but running with just Birt was great - we run at about the same speed and we have some great conversations while running - we talked about doing a bit more running together than we have and I hope this works out - today was a good run for me - I had almost no pain - I had a few twinges in the left side of my left leg below the knee and a little right Achilles pain after mile 9 also I am not burn out completely but this ten miler which is just great -

Time: 03:00:54
Distance: 10.02 mi
Elevation Gain: 477 ft
Calories: 1,643 C
Avg Temperature: 36.4 °F

Galloway Club run 28th

My pictures are HERE

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