Saturday, April 9, 2011

CNC Saturday Ride Century

Had a great ride with Leah, Dana, Paul, Wayne and Chris. We also picked up several others along the way. The weather started out cool and damp but warmed up and turned nice. This was a completely different route than Friday and mostly the roads were pretty good and none as back as that 4 mile piece fro Friday - it was again very nice county to ride through and mostly flat - on thing about flat land riding - when doing it you never stop pedaling - there are no real hills to climb but also no downhills - the was one bridge over the inter-coastal waterway that we did climb twice but that was really it - Wayne and I had plan to ride less 69 for me and 87 for Wayne but I missed the turn off for the 69 and Wayne decided to do the century so I just did the century also - it was a lot of fun but a little painful by the end - This was the second century is the two days here - my first double century.

Time: 06:31:29
Distance: 101.11 mi
Elevation Gain: 410 ft
Calories: 2,301 C
Avg Temperature: 63.2 °F

CNC Saturday Ride Century

My Pictures are HERE

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