Friday, April 8, 2011

CNC Spring Friday Morning Ride 50 miles

Nice morning just a bit cool - got up ate breakfast and went down toward the starting area - met Leah and Dana on the rode they were walking to the check-in area - went with them and after check in they setup their camps - then we met up with Wayne, Paul, Tad and Paul - Leah really wanted to do a century but they did not have a century route Friday so we planned on riding the 50 twice - it was a real nice ride some of the roads were a bit rough but the scenery was wonderful - the route was interesting it was a combination of out and backs and a big loop - there was one 4 mile stretch of extremely rough road right before you arrived at the last rest stop - the rest stops were great and the folks at the were very friendly and pleasant - there was not much there for a cave man so I just had banana and apple pieces with peanut butter on them - not exactly paleo but not too bad - must admit I did enjoy the fruit and peanut butter - when we got back everyone else went to lunch - I went to my camp and rested while waiting to start the second ride - it was a good ride - my right knee had started hurting so I put KT tape on it and that helped a lot

Time: 03:30:03
Distance: 55.13 mi
Elevation Gain: 370 ft
Calories: 1,100 C
Avg Temperature: 65.5 °F

CNC Spring Friday Morning Ride 50 miles

My Pictures are HERE

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