Sunday, April 10, 2011

CNC Spring Sunday Rides 55 miles

Another nice day - the morning was cool and gloomy but not bad and the day turned out nice - I was sort of burnt this morning and wanted to sleep in a bit but some folks in the hall decided that 7:30 AM was late enough for everyone and turned the lights on - all the lights - so I got upd slowly - I wanted to pack up before I rode so I sent texts to the group telling them I did not think I could make the 9AM start time and to go with out me that I was planning to ride the 30 mile loop and if I wanted more I would then do the 20 mile loop - Leah came over to the Center to use the power - she was having battery problems with her phone - when she left I was almost finished packing and she asked me when I thought I would be ready - I told her I thought I could be there in 10 minutes - she said they would wait - I got to the start about 9:12 so only 12 minutes late - I was fun riding with the group again - the 55 miles route was a good bit different 50 mile route it did however include the terrible 4 mile piece of road from Friday - i really hope I never have to ride that piece of road again - we tried again riding down the middle of the lane and that was better until a car came up from behind - the ride was really nice and everyone seemed to enjoy it but one could tell some of us were a bit tired - after the ride Wayne, Leah and I had our traditional after the ride lunch at King's Restaurant for barbecue - it was good - my blood sugar Saturday morning was 84 and this morning was 64 - so even though I was eating some fruit and peanut butter I was doing well my pressure was 160/80 51 - my weight Monday morning was down a lot - I hope it is correct and not just a water loss -

Time: 03:30:03
Distance: 55.13 mi
Elevation Gain: 370 ft
Calories: 1,100 C
Avg Temperature: 65.5 °F

267.8 lbs
Body Fat
20.9 %
Body Water
52.1 %
Bone Mass
10.3 lbs
Muscle Mass
201.5 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
30 years
Daily Caloric Intake
6,057 C

CNC Spring Sunday Rides 55 miles

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