Saturday, January 29, 2011

White Oak Church Tobacco Trail Run

Good run - I could get use to theses 10 AM start time but the Summer weather will put an end to them - I was running well no pain no problems - met Jon, Emily, Bert, Meri, Susan, Linda, Houlo, Robert and Margot - I am sure I messed up some of the names and I may have forgotten someone - sorry - this was a different sort of run Jon and Meri were practicing being Pacer for a marathon so they were running a 6 hour 30 minute pace which works out to 14:50 pace and were also running a 30 second run with a 45 second walk - this was different and interesting - Bert and I decided to attempt to stay with the group as long as we could - we managed to do so for a little over two miles - looking at my splits we were doing close to a 14:30 pace - if I had been asked if I could run 2 miles at that pace I would have said no so it was surprising - after that Bert and I slowed down and went back to our 1:1 intervals - it was a truly beautiful day - I did not need to eat at all during the run - blood sugar was 101 this morning -

Time: 02:21:43
Distance: 8.17 mi
Elevation Gain: 386 ft
Calories: 1,640 C
Avg Temperature: 39.3 °F

306.1 lbs
Body Fat
26.0 %
Body Water
50.6 %
Bone Mass
11.0 lbs
Muscle Mass
215.7 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
42 years
Daily Caloric Intake
6,634 C

White Oak Church Tobacco Trail Run

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