Saturday, June 4, 2011

Galloway Training Run #5 - 2011

Good run - I felt great and ran well - Meri and I got there at 5:45 AM and did 2.5 five miles before the run - it was a real nice run - I do not think I have ever run with just Meri before - she ran my pace and it was just fun - I wanted to get 8 miles in today becasue that is what the program calls for and today I was to help with the 14-15 minute group due to some missing leaders there today - this group the Pacers was schedules to run only 6 miles or two hours which ever can first - I spent a part of the run walking with some of the group who were lagging a bit - when the two of them decided to turn around a two miles I continued on the the rest of the group - I ran that bit with no walk breaks - I wanted to catch up with the group if I could - I caught them just after they had turned around which was great and I felt fine - I enjoyed my time with the Pacers but I am looking forward to returning to my Tapirs after the Hatfield & McCoy Half next weekend - no problems no pain - blood pressure 168/89 52 sugar 92 - weight down again almost a record low -

Time: 02:42:31
Distance: 9.08 mi
Elevation Gain: 545 ft
Calories: 1,914 C
Avg Temperature: 73.8 °F

272.7 lbs
Body Fat
15.7 %
Body Water
55.3 %
Bone Mass
11.1 lbs
Muscle Mass
218.9 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
13 years
Daily Caloric Intake
6,615 C

Galloway Training Run #5 - 2011

My pictures are HERE

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