Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tuesday Morning Swim

I had a good swim but on the return on my first lap my Forerunner start to vibrate on my arm and I seldom use the vibrate and never while swimming - I stopped and looked at it - the backlight was going on and off various other messages were coming on the screen and none of the controls would work then it just went blank - I am afraid she drown and she was so young only mine months old - this was a major blow to me I use this thing at least twice a day and I just really like have the data from my workouts - REI to the rescue - I am a member and had purchased it there - they replaced it no questions no problem so I will have it for my intervals this afternoon - Second day with out cheese - can one have withdraws from cheese? = doing well - blood pressure 167/84 49 sugar 84 weight down a bit -

Time: 00:56:23
Distance: 0.57 mi

288.1 lbs
Body Fat
32.6 %
Body Water
46.7 %
Bone Mass
9.5 lbs
Muscle Mass
184.7 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
74 years
Daily Caloric Intake
4,772 C

Tuesday Morning Swim

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