Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Morning Swim

Good swim - felt better in the water today - I am still very slow and most likely have very poor form but I am working on it - I am still doing breast stroke and back stroke - I was not wore out today but ran out of time - I am always disappointed when I do less than 1000 yards but I do have to get out of the water at a certain time or I am late for work - I made it on time today which is also important - blood pressure 156/86 52 sugar 98 - weight up a bit -

Time: 00:52:06
Distance: 0.54 mi
Calories: 550 C

276.2 lbs
Body Fat
17.5 %
Body Water
54.2 %
Bone Mass
11.0 lbs
Muscle Mass
217.0 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
17 years
Daily Caloric Intake
6,566 C

Thursday Morning Swim

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