Monday, June 27, 2011

Tir na nOg Club Run #38

Good run - I felt pretty good and ran pretty well - we had a big thunderstorm go through the city a couple of hours before the run which cooled things off a bit but the humidity had to be close to 100% - I was sluggish during the first part of the run but I was still trying to do this run as a tempo or at least for me as fast as I am able after a day at work - my pace did improve as I ran and I was able to kick it in - no pain no problems - I am down to using only three pieces of KT tape one on my left foot for planners and two on my right for Achilles Tendinitis - the Achilles is not hurting me but I am afraid to run without the tape there - LOL - smallish group after the run tonight but we had a nice time - Emily, Jon, Mickie and Meridith were there I also saw Dileep and Windy - blood pressure 148/84 49 sugar 84 weight up a bit but not bad - I am off cheese again for five day and what I did have over - weekend was about half what I would have usually eaten - I am wanting to change up my routines - I do not like swimming the morning before my speed work and I like taking Monday morning off to recover from the weekend so I think I am going to lift Tuesday morning and see how I do with the speed work after work with lifting in the morning -

Time: 00:51:16
Distance: 3.11 mi
Elevation Gain: 140 ft
Calories: 722 C
Avg Temperature: 87.8 °F

285.0 lbs
Body Fat
36.4 %
Body Water
45.0 %
Bone Mass
8.9 lbs
Muscle Mass
172.4 lbs
Physique Rating
Visceral Fat
Metabolic Age
90 years
Daily Caloric Intake
4,466 C

Tir na nOg Club Run #38

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