Saturday, October 16, 2010

Galloway Training Run 21 - 14.33 mile

WOW - I had a good run - I admit I was apprehensive about this run and yes my feet HURT and after about 18 minutes in an ice bath they hurt more - they are out now and I am hopping this therapy will speed they healing because it looks like every time I run beyond eight miles I can expect this pain - right now they hurt a lot usually they only hurt when I need to walk on them after a long run - the run went great - I got there a tiny bit late - saw Meri and Emily and their group about to take off - I was not planning to try to run with the they are just too quick for me - I decided to run the perimeter of the mall parking lot - it was well lite and turned out to be almost 1.5 miles which was great since I wanted 4 plus miles before the run - I got back in good time before the start with 4.3 in the bank - I ran with my group and was able to keep their pace until about the last two miles - Priscilla stayed with me just like the time before I did 13.1 - I finished the half marathon distance in 3:55 - I know it is pretty slow but for me it was more than an hour faster than my first run at that distance - I was nice a cool out and did not have real trouble with my feet until about 12.6 miles and I knew I could do this by then - I am really feeling better about my to up coming halves - my feet do really hurt now but nothing else - I got lots of information about Tapering which I have to start Monday from Priscilla - I am sure it will help me a lot - it was real nice to be able to run with the group again it did make the miles seem to go right by - I ran the whole distance that is also a first I walk about the last two miles before - I thought the George and Priscilla did a great job with the group - Jo-Ann was at the start but turned back within the first miles she had showed up with a hip injury hopping to be able to run - I got up at 4AM to do this run my weight was 319.2 pounds so a small lose, my blood sugar was 76 - I was a little worried about running with it so low but I ate my breakfast and did great - my Ketones were again negative - I decided to test them again when I got home from the run and they were at about 5 so maybe test them first thing in the morning is misleading - I am going to enjoy remembering this run for a while -

Time: 04:18:33
Distance: 14.33 mi
Elevation Gain: 658 ft
Calories: 2,497 C
Avg Temperature: 55.4 °F

Galloway Training Run 21 - 14.33 miles

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