Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday Morning Run - Taper day 4 of 20

Good run but I felt terrible - I really do not know why but I really had to force myself to get up this morning and I went to bed at the right time and once up I just felt poorly - I did mange to get to work in time to run but just did not feel good - I tried to push my pace as I usually do on this run and my pace was not too bad but I just never felt good - weight today 318.6 pounds, no change - blood sugar 96 down from yesterday - yay! - no KT Tape today and NO foot pain today - I am in my office and I am just exhausted sitting here - wish I could go back to bed - I do not know why I feel like this - it is not normal for me - I usually feel turned on after a run -

Time: 00:19:12
Distance: 1.06 mi
Elevation Gain: 41 ft
Calories: 184 C
Avg Temperature: 52.3 °F

Thursday Morning Run

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