Saturday, October 30, 2010

Galloway Training Run 23 - 6.22 miles

WoW! This was a good run - it was real cold this morning - not sure why we do not start a little later but it was OK - I felt very good was running well and got a pretty good pace - my best 10K distance run yet - no pain or other problems - we had a nice group but I missed my friend Bert today who was running at home instead - Priscilla and Eric have both agreed to advise me if I do decide to run the Tobacco Road Full Marathon instead of the Half - I want to get the two Halves behind me before I decide to commit to a Full Marathon - that distance still seems too far to me - I do believe I could do the distance but I am not sure about doing it is seven or less hours - weight was 306.2 pounds today - blood sugar was 85 - I am beginning to really look forward to the half - it will occur 24 weeks after I started running - all of my gear seems t obe working well I bought a pair of arm warmer today at Bull City Runners taking advantage of the nice discount - we had a nice gathering after the run - the place did not have a Paleo/Primal thing to eat so I did not eat and just waited - I had some cheese sticks with me but did not need them - I ran 6 miles with a starting BS of 85 - I ate breakfast then ran and then did not eat until 1PM and NO blood sugar problem - I love Paleo/Primal -

Time: 01:46:56
Distance: 6.22 mi
Elevation Gain: 111 ft
Calories: 942 C
Avg Temperature: 48.9 °F

Galloway Training Run 23 - 6.22

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