Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Lunch Run

ConnectGarmin site is down - I had a good run but not a comfortable one - really felt my power fade as I was running - again like hypoglycemia but not the same even through I felt poor I never felt like I was passing out or like that - I just felt like I was completely out of gas - in spite of all this I was still trying to push the pace just to learn what I could do and expect - I had cheese and sports beans with me but did not eat any - I had removed the KT Tape between the runs and the pain below the calf seemed to be better, maybe - was really hungry when I got back so I ate at 11:40 - earlier than I had planned but I need to remember on Paleo I eat when hungry not on a schedule - I wish I would lose just a little weight so I could know this is working - I will take blood pressure at the gym on the machine there before the work out so I can try to track it to see if it is changing - no stair today want to let the area below the calf to rest and heal - looking forward to the ride this afternoon - first ride in over a week -

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