Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Morning Run

OK - well I managed to run I was not sure I would be able to last night - when I got up this morning I started putting on my running kit and shoe by habit and was thinking can I run - I hurt so much Saturday afternoon and evening ans most of Sunday - I enjoyed the run but it was not easy - bottom on my feet are pretty good this morning but the Achilles was still sore this morning but did not hurt too much while running - I am really at a lose to explain or understand why I was hurting this weekend end after the run - the run it self was good and I stood around after the run and talked with a few folks, Bert, Jon and Eric - at the time I felt tire and my legs stiffened up at bit but I was OK I felt - I am not making any progress on being almost crippled after runs beyond 7.5 miles - I just do not know what to do I like the runs but I hate being crippled for the rest of the weekend - Last week I ran more than I ever have and felt fine on Friday when I was resting so WHY did I hurt so much after the ran - I just do not understand how my friends do these runs and then are still able to do other things after they runs - I am also really worried about what might happen to me this coming weekend when I am suppose to and planning to run 14 miles - I only ran 8.2 miles last Saturday how can I run 14+ - I am doing well with Paleo/Primal - I am having some trouble with fixing too much food for my meals at home and I will learn how to adjust that and will fix less knowing I can always have more if I need it but if I fix too much, more than I need to eat I will eat it - weight today 319.4, K below neg, BS 104 -

Distance:1.07 mi
Elevation Gain:156 ft
Calories:193 C
Avg Temperature:56.7 °F

Monday Morning Run

I am pretty depressed about this - I like running and I would like to run faster and farther but I also do not want to give up riding and the running of longer distances on Saturday most of the time means I am unable to ride Sunday - I am also really worried about the two half marathons I have coming up which are one week apart - I fell like I can do the distance and time but I am worried about what kind of damage I might be doing to my feet and how long I may not be able to walk after doing either one and both -

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