Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Greenfield training ride

HOT - hot ride - I was not prepared for it to be so hot - It usually cools off during the ride and even through it did a little but not much. It was not too muggy so while moving it was not terrible but it was hot - otherwise it was a good ride - a little pain in the right calf and hamstring not sure why. I wimped out on the run - when I got done with he ride and it was still 94 degrees I decided not to run I just felt it was too hot. Sitting here in my chair after my shower I fell like a wimp but I really did just feel it was too hot. Hopefully I will be able to run Wednesday morning since I did not run tonight. I am really in trouble - I ran a mile this morning and rode 24 miles this evening but feel like I cheated because I did not finish the brick.

Time: 01:21:17
Distance: 23.99 mi
Elevation Gain: 719 ft
Calories: 628 C
Avg Temperature: 97.5 °F

Greenfield training ride at Garmin Connect - Details

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