Saturday, August 21, 2010

White Deer 5K - Garner NC

Wow - I did it I ran my first race - guess there is mo way I or anyone else can not call me a runner - feels good. I was nervous - I have no idea why but after they got us all to the starting area I was just about to jump I so wanted to run and do something with all this energy - when it did start is was good - I was mostly to the back of the group and with in the first minute I thought everyone had pasted me and within three minutes I could only see a few other runner in front of my - I was not able to start with a walk like I was suppose to but started running with everyone else then ran the ran the three minute run lap after that I walked one minute and ran three minutes - this worked very well for me I was either surprised when the Gym Boss buzzed me to walk meaning I was not hurting or I would be hurt a little but for twenty seconds or less - I did run the whole 5K - I did not stop for anything I found out haw difficulty it is to drink from a Dixie cup while running but I got most of the water down and did manage to hit the can to discard the cup. I did not think there was anyone behind me and after the group disappeared in front of me I was a little disheartened and was wondering why did I brother to do this race since I could not even see the group in less than a miles - after a little bit as I was running a long I realized I was enjoying the run and that it did not matter to my run where anyone else was so I just keep pushing - I was feeling good and it was nice out there - it was not hot and and not muggy - a little over half of the route was shaded and there was a little wind from time to time - it was really neat when the support people would talk to me to encourage and some clapped - it was strange how nice that was - I saw one couple sitting at the end of their drive way and as I passed they clapped and then the man patted the empty chair beside him - I laughed and told him thanks you but that was not funny - he laughed - it was cute - after about 2.5 miles I found that my legs were getting tire which was unusually for me I usually am not not going hard enough to get my legs tired but the feet and nothing else were hurting so I was just trying to see how much I could go - when I was about 50 yards from the finish Harden from Galloway who also had run the race was there waiting for me and ran with me in to the finish - that was really neat - when I got close to the finish and saw the clock I realized I could get a new PB for this distance and tried to go a little faster - I am not sure I did but I tried - when I crossed the finish I stopped and found I was a bit wobble which was a surprise because I had not had any problem running - I then realized I was wobble because I could not move my left foot - when I looked down I saw the was a guy down there holding on to my foot cutting the timing chip from it - after he let go I was fine. There was no timing mat at the start so we all go the same start time and I was way in the back - I started my Forerunner 310XT a little bit before the start line - my chip/official time was 00:53:36.2 - my time from my Forerunner had me finishing it in 00:53:23 - either one would be a PB for me so I am very pleased - I have no idea if this race was in any way like others it was small but I felt it was well done and I enjoyed it - I met and talked to several runner before the start - everyone was very nice and I enjoyed the run - I can see myself doing this again as well as some others also I would recommend it to others.

Time: 00:53:23
Distance: 3.18 mi
Elevation Gain: 90 ft
Calories: 962 C
Avg Temperature: 77.8 °F

White Deer 5K - Garner NC by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

My pictures from the run are HERE


Lesley said...

Congrats on the PB, Ashby! Well done!

Texafornia said...

Way to go! Of course you're a runner. You did great! :)
- Brett from ZenTri