Thursday, August 12, 2010

Morning Run

Good run not too hot but again very very muggy. I ran with the Gym Boss this morning and it does my Galloway's method easier - I have found I can clip it under the wrist band of the Forerunner and it works great - I can hear it and feel the vibrations - it is also easy to look at to verify what lap I am on.Tiny bit of pain at the very back edge of the right heel this morning but if got better as I ran and it does not hurt at all now. Not planning to run at lunch time today if is just too hot to run and then come back to the office. I need to get more Action Wipes. I am still trying to decide what to do about the Forerunner 310XT - it would be great to have for swimming. Looking forward to the Slow Spokes run the evening but not if it looks like rain.

Time: 00:19:24
Distance: 1.08 mi
Elevation Gain: 29 ft
Calories: 205 C
Avg Temperature: 74.3 °F

Morning Run at Garmin Connect - Details

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