Sunday, August 8, 2010

Team CBC 42 mile ride

I had a really great ride - I was a bit tired but after a short while I was feeling pretty good. IT was not too hot when we started out but got pretty warn by the end - I did not find it to be uncomfortable. After 30 miles Peggy and I got dropped - the group was suppose to be 17 mph and below average - when we dropped out average was 17.4 mph - Peggy and I rode together with Tim and several other from time to time on the way in. It was a real nice ride. Team CBC has some of the best rides and is one of the greatest groups I have been apart of.

Time: 02:31:41
Distance: 41.82 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,296 ft
Calories: 1,055 C
Avg Temperature: 91.1 °F

Team CBC 42 mile ride at Garmin Connect - Details

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