Monday, August 2, 2010

Tir na nOg Run Club 9 run

Good run tonight - little pad under the heel seems to have help - too early to be sure but my Achilles did not hurt and does not hurt now. My heel hurt some but I attribute that to the damage done Saturday or the new pad. This is my best time on this run. I run more or less the same as I usually do at Tir na nOg for the first two mile then since the Achilles was not hurting I began to try to push a bit harder - still no pain. Slight twigs in left knee - the Doc warned me that might happen due to the change in apparent leg length - I will try removing one layer of the pad to make it thinner to see if it still works but also lets the left knee fell better. So far this seems really good now I just have to be good and build up my distance on my long runs slowly - I think since I did 7 two weeks ago I will do 8 this coming Saturday and hope for the best.
After I get a little more experience with the pad I want to try the other one I have it the Cumulus 11 to see if they will be usable at least for shorter runs.
Next month I want to buy another pair of the Nimbus 11s so I will have two pair of the same shoes then I will use the Cumulus 11s for walking until they wear out.
After the run tonight and my talk with Dr. Curzan I am much more hopeful about my ability to run. When I asked him if I was too big or heavy to run he said no - you have good size strong feet that were designed for you and they are in real good shape. I will need some time for the right Achilles to heal and get tougher and the same is true with the bottoms of my feet they will get tougher in time. As the get tougher I will be be able to run longer and eventually faster with out damage and pain. He gave me a set of stretches to do - it really need to make a point to do the faithfully.

Time: 00:56:40
Distance: 2.91 mi
Elevation Gain: 111 ft
Calories: 832 C
Avg Temperature: 88.8 °F

Tir na nOg Run Club 9 run at Garmin Connect - Details

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