Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Morning Run

Had a really good swim - I mean run this morning - LOL - my first run in the rain - it varied for sprinkle to pretty stead but never dot to what I would have called a down pour - it was nice and cool however. Had a funny little pain in the right ankle - it was in the front to the left of center - did not hurt all the time just once in a while during the first third of the run - also a little soreness in the right Achilles otherwise no problems - had the iPhone with me without a cover on it - big mistake - did not let it get very wet and it seems to be OK but I was worried about it the whole run - carried the Gym Boss in my hand to keep it more or less dry - so far everything seems to be fine - note to self - carry extra dry everything when I may run it the rain to change into afterwards - feet got wet and it did not seem to be a problem of course this was just one mile but I have now run in the rain and it was no bad - I would not do it if it were cold though - I wore a bucket hat, it has about a 2 inch brim all the way around which keep a bit of the rain off and kept my Blue-tooth headphones dry - the hats top did leak after about two thirds of the run.

Time: 00:18:39
Distance: 1.10 mi
Elevation Gain: 46 ft
Calories: 261 C
Avg Temperature: 72.4 °F

Morning Run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

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