Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Morning Run

Really good run - felt real good and enjoyed the run - once again NO foot pain - nice - did not have the Gym Boss but I still tried to do one minute walks two minute runs using the Edge 500 just as a timer. I am pretty sure I messed it up once but I think I did extra running so that is OK - I was therefore not slaking off - I will have to check but this maybe my best time on this run. I know I will only continue to improve my time like this for a while but I intend to enjoy it while it lasts. I am looking forward to the Brick at Greenfield this evening. I may try one to three on this run some morning I am feeling well - it is so short I believe I will be OK.

Time: 00:19:20
Distance: 1.07 mi
Elevation Gain: 41 ft
Calories: 209 C
Avg Temperature: 84.5 °F

Morning Run at Garmin Connect - Details

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