Saturday, September 18, 2010

Galloway Training Run 17 - 9.04 miles

WOW - interesting run - I enjoyed it - it was hilly but that was the point - I like running hills going up the does not brother me - yes some times it is hard but I like the feeling of getting up the hill - I am not real fond of running down hills but what goes up must come down - feet did very well - a little soreness on both bottoms but that is all ready fading and I had a little pain in the right Achilles but it was not bad and was not the pincer or icepick pain I have had in the past - I could tell I had run nine miles but felt like I could run farther - maybe 4.1 miles more - lets hope so - next week I will do 9.5 or 10 miles also starting out early - starting out early is not the best thing to do but I do like not getting back after everyone else and I do enjoy running alone - the run was beautiful - the route was great and almost all in the shade - it was dusty but it washes off - I tried to take some pictures - I will just have to see how they came out - I am beginning to look forward to both City of Oaks and OBX - I also want to have a 10K to do soon - what has happened to em - LOL

Time: 02:53:01
Distance: 9.04 mi
Elevation Gain: 764 ft
Calories: 1,714 C
Avg Temperature: 71.5 °F

Galloway Training Run 17 - 9.04 miles

My pictures are HERE

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