Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday morning run

Good run - it was really nice out the coolish and not muggy - I felt good and felt like I was running well - I did not feel like I was running real fast but I was running as fast as I felt I could run this morning - nothing hurt - I put KT Tape on this morning - I used the new blue take I got from Amazon - I worry about wearing it too much of if I can wear it to much - it does seem to really help but does wearing it make one dependant on it - does it make the area weaker depending on the tape - I looked on the website but there was nothing about wearing it too much just that it will last 3 to 5 days - I stuck to the food zone yesterday but I did have three pieces of cheese as part of my last meal - I really need to find something else I can eat at that time - I have been making some small changes in my food to try to get to losing weight again so far nothing is working - it is real annoying - when I think about how much what and how I eat has changed and to not be losing weight it just annoying - I really want to get to sub 300 pounds!

Time: 00:18:57
Distance: 1.07 mi
Elevation Gain: 48 ft
Calories: 204 C
Avg Temperature: 64.8 °F

Monday morning run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

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