Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thursday Lunch Run

WOW GOOD RUN! - no idea why this run felt so good - I felt great felt like I was running fast and with NO pain - I am really beginning to love KT Tape - I just hope it keeps working and works this well on longer runs - it was sort of cool and just a little muggy but not bad and no Sun - completely over cast - thanks Earl I think - don't get me wrong I love the Sun just it does make it hotter - I was feeling so good I tried lenghting my stride a tiny bit and that seemed to work well - I also tried pushing off a bit harder flexing my ankle a bit more to do this - I am making these changes in very small amounts just enough to feel a difference at the same time taking note on how I fell and making sure I am not doing anything to cause injury - I know that there is a limit to how long ones stride can be and still be a forefoot runner - I also know that to incease my speed the most effective thing to do is to increase my cadence but for me just like with cycling higher cadence means more energy to move my heavy legs so I am mostly working on finding what will be the most efficient combination of stride length and cadence - too high a cadence and I will expend more emery than is effective - too long a stride length and I begin to heel strike which slows me down and increases the impact to me feet and legs - well that is what I am doing on the runs I am feeling well on.

I have had a couple of folks ask me about how I tape my heel and why I use three pieces of tape instead of two. I combined two of the taping methods shown on the videos to come up with this taping method and it seems to be working for me.

Time: 00:18:32
Distance: 1.10 mi
Elevation Gain: 130 ft
Calories: 211 C
Avg Temperature: 81.7 °F

Thursday Lunch Run by ashby3 at Garmin Connect - Details

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