Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday Lunch Run

Yea I know I am not support to run on Wednesdays but I was depressed last night and did not sleep well and just did not feel like getting up this morning and going to the gym so I really wanted to run today - It was a good run felt pretty good and I enjoyed it - times were pretty good for me at least - feet were fine no problems my left Hamstring that I hurt yesterday doing th Spin cycling was hurting a bit but is better - it was warm but not too hot and it was pretty muggy - I got delayed three times by traffic today so my time might have been a little better it that had not happened - I was pretty depressed last night because of my trike and the fact the Terratrike does not seem to be concerned about getting me the replacement frame to me in time for me to rebuild the trike and be able to ride the MS Tour - I am so tired on being too big and too fat to do things in this world with out having to do something special or have special equipment just to participate in things that most others can just do - I will some day not be as fat as I am not but I will always be big and slow and my balance is not getting better it is worse if anything - I guess I am just tired and depressed!

Time: 00:19:40
Distance: 1.10 mi
Elevation Gain: 131 ft
Calories: 212 C
Avg Temperature: 86.8 °F

Wednesday Lunch Run

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Lesley said...

So sorry to hear about the trike, Ashby! :( I know where you're coming from on the other issues, that's for sure! Hang in there!

If you find yourself in town this weekend, come join George, Bert, and me at the Mebane on the Move races! George and Bert are doing the 10K, and I've backpeddled to the 5K, thanks to my foot pain. It's a good race, and it would be great to have you join us!