Sunday, September 12, 2010

MS Tour for Cure - Saturday 100 miles

Yes I did a century - my first in at least 15 or more likely 20 years and maybe much longer. I do well felt good and enjoyed my ride - I hung with Leah, Peggy and some others for a while at first and did hook up with them at least two other time but I still road about 75% of the ride solo. I liked the route even if it was a bit confusing there were two loops and one had to turn left the first time and right the second and that was confusing. All the MS folks and volunteers were great, nice and very helpful - thanks to all of you. We had great weather - not sunny but it did not rain and was not hot or muggy - all in all a great day. Turtle preformed very well I did break off the power side idler - it pulled the treads right out of the mount - I picked it up and I feel if a get a new mount I can remount it. It was really great the see and ride with so many of my CBC friends. I will put more in my blog over the next couple of days.

Time: 05:41:46
Distance: 100.54 mi
Elevation Gain: 377 ft
Calories: 2,594 C
Avg Temperature: 77.6 °F

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Lesley said...

Congratulations from George and me! So glad everything worked out with the trike for you to go!