Sunday, September 5, 2010

Team CBC Brewery Ride

Well not one of my best rides - It started out by me hearing someone complaining but not to me that I would slow the ride down - this bothered me because even though I cannot keep up with any group going up hills I can usually catch up on the down hills and flats but I have not asked or expected anyone to alter their speed or to wait for me so I was not feeling that great at the start - sometimes is is not great having exception hearing - I was also worried about my trike - her rear wheel was leaning to the left - I later found out the frame was bent - I got sick at about 24 miles but made it to the rest stop at 32 miles- I told me group I was ill and that I know where I was and was going to eat something and rest s little and then ride to the start - this is what I did and I felt pretty good after my rest and enjoyed the rest of the ride back to the brewery
I am not sure why I got sick - maybe I did nothing wrong and it just happened which it does sometimes - or maybe I was pushing too hard I was riding a bit harder than was comfortable - after about five miles I was not worrying about what I heard and was riding well and enjoying the ride - I was keeping up with the group pretty well but since I cannot climb hills and cannot corner as fast as a road bike I would drop back and then catch up later on the flats - I was pulled back to the group a couple of time and one of the group waited at a turn later in the ride so I would not miss the turn which I would have missed if he had not done so - thank you - by this point I was feeling really poorly and I saw the group twice in front of me before I lost them - it was no problem losing them becasue I was on the rode where the rest stop would meet
We did have a good gathering after the ride and it was really nice the team is doing well and there were a lot of folks at the gathering

Time: 02:30:01
Distance: 43.49 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,362 ft
Calories: 989 C
Avg Temperature: 74.5 °F

Team CBC Brewery Ride

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