Monday, September 13, 2010

MS Tour for Cure - Sunday - 75 miles

I slept well and did not even know it was raining until I woke up at 2 AM - I went back to sleep thinking I hope it stops by dawn. At 6 AM when I woke again it was still raining so I just laid there and rested and as the rain stopped I got up and packed up some stuff and too it to the van and road Turtle back to the campsite. I was a bit stiff but feeling good and looking forward to the ride. I could not do the 100 route the MS folks decided that they were going to close it due to the weather - this was a bummer but they were letting us ride the 75 so we did. It was not raining but the road was very wet and riding in the group meant one got a lot of road spray - this was annoying and felt dangerous - I hung with the group until we caught a group that had another trike rider in it - I caught him and slowed down to talk. His name was John and he was nice - he told me he saw me riding the 2009 Tour and had gotten his trike after seeing me ride. He was riding a Greenspeed and it was a bit different it had 16 inch wheel - it was real cool - we rode together until the rest stop. At the last rest stop I saw a second trike rider - I do not know her name she was not very talkative - this can happen to folks who are riding distance longer than they are use to and she would have been at 66 miles or 42 miles depending on what route she was doing - she was riding a Trice with rear suspension - it look very nice. I rode most of this ride solo and there was wind but I had a good ride. More in my Blog later.

Time: 04:17:21
Distance: 78.91 mi
Elevation Gain: 1,715 ft
Calories: 1,735 C
Avg Temperature: 79.8 °F

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