Thursday, September 30, 2010

Healthy Diets Inc

Well this was interesting. Everyone there was very nice and profession. They made me feel welcome and comfortable. First they measured my height and weighted me on a digital scale that also calculated my body fat percentage and then I sat down in a chair and had to breath through a tube in my mouth for about fifteen minutes to measure my RMR Resting Metabolic Rate. They got my RMR as 2365 then allowing for activity it come to 2635 whcih she said was good. it Means I need 80 grams of protein at day - one number I have been trying to get and the I need 3821 calories a day to maintain my weight so if I am eating 2000 to 2200 I should be losing over 2 pounds a week but I am not. We talked about my diet and exercises and she just feels I am at a plateau due to the 100 pounds I have lose and that I will lose more weight in time.
We talked about changing my diet which she thought was fine but said that sometime making a change could trigger a lose because I eat almost the same thing all the time. So in a few days I will start the Paleo Diet. It does not seem to be too complex but there are some forbidden foods - a few may be hard but mostly I do not think it will be a problem. If this food plan does get me off insulin and some other meds it will be worth it.
I will post a current weight and other data when I start.

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