Thursday, March 17, 2011

SlowSpokes Thursday Evening Ride #1

A really good ride - our first Thursday evening Slow Spokes ride - we had a good size group with a number of new cyclist and a number of old friends who I have not seen or ridden with for some time - Turtle preformed beautifully I am so pleased with the new Turtle - I likely went out too fast since I am running the Tobacco Road Half Marathon this coming Sunday but I took it easy on the return trip - this Catrike Expedition is such a different animal from the Tour - down hills at so much fun now and as I learn just how hard and sharp I can take turns it will just get better - no pain no problems - good ride -

Time: 01:21:08
Distance: 20.16 mi
Elevation Gain: 738 ft
Calories: 587 C
Avg Temperature: 67.3 °F

SlowSpokes Thursday Evening Ride #1

My pictures are HERE

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